About Me

profile and authorI live and write in Denver and in Fairplay, Colorado. For ten years, I was a therapist and substance abuse counselor. Now, I take classes at the Lighthouse Writers Workshop, ride my bike, and putter in the garden.

Pithead Chapel recently published my essay “Shamrock Viking”: https://pitheadchapel.com/shamrock-viking/

Check out “I Don’t Speak Icelandic” in Dreamers Creative Writing: https://www.dreamerswriting.com/jenny-lynn-ellis/

A piece about HIV and the Coronavirus from the Colorado Sun: https://coloradosun.com/2020/05/19/write-on-colorado-jenny-lynn-ellis/

“Nothing Bad Happens” from Down in the Dirt Magazine: http://scars.tv/cgi-bin/works_e.pl?/home/users/web/b929/us.scars/perl/text-writings/g8964.txt

And I read a piece here and there for Josh Mattison’s award-winning Low Orbit Podcast: http://www.denverorbit.com/