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New Publication, *82

A December email from Alisa Golden, editor at Star 82 Review. She wrote: “Yes. I love it.” An acceptance! Da, da, da da DAH da da!! I skipped through the dining room, past the Christmas Fern, singing the I Love Lucy theme song.

Kiddo, kiddo, kiddo!  I chirped to my grown son as he came down the stairs. I caught my breath and announced:  I got an acceptance from a magazine I’ve submitted to five times!

Way to wear them down, Mom!  Funny man.

Not really. I just had to send her something good. In fact, I’d submitted to Star 82 Review not five, but eight times, over three years. After seven kind rejections in a row, I feel lucky the editor opened the last submission. Rejections pile up over time, of course, given my determination to keep sending things out. This time, I made the cut. It feels good.

I will try to do at least one slow, celebratory twirl when the next “thanks but no thanks” hits my in-box. Like all the others, it will remind me that I’m committed to the process, with its rare orchestral celebrations and its long fallow periods. Meanwhile, the publication of Beginning of the End of the Dream Job is a lovely reminder that the more I write, slowly but surely, the better I write.


Bonus: A real paper copy!

By Jenny-Lynn

Jenny-Lynn is a former psychotherapist living in Denver and in South Park, Colorado. Her essays have appeared in The Colorado Sun, Pithead Chapel, and Dreamer's Creative Writing. She blogs at and can be found on Instagram @writeriderepeat.

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Wonderful. Perfect details, perfect closing. Congrats! I used to say ten. Ten rejects for every acceptance. These days, more. But not necessarily that the other work you sent them wasn’t good: it just wasn’t exactly what these particular editors wanted at this moment. Congrats again!

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Jenny-Lynn, HUGE congratulations to you on this latest acceptance letter! I about froze along with you, reading your last blog, and hear you are with such good news. So proud of you, and glad for you! Keep on keepin’ on, friend! Ruth

Ruth Montague

From: The More I Write Sent: Tuesday, March 15, 2022 10:35 AM To: Subject: [New post] New Publication, *82

Jenny-Lynn posted: “A December ema

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