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First Publication!

Dreamers Creative Writing picked my essay “I Don’t Speak Icelandic” as a runner up in their essay contest!  I hope you like it, too:

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By Jenny-Lynn

Jenny-Lynn is a former psychotherapist living in Denver and in South Park, Colorado. Her essays have appeared in The Colorado Sun, Pithead Chapel, and Dreamer's Creative Writing. She blogs at and can be found on Instagram @writeriderepeat.

8 replies on “First Publication!”

I thought this piece was remarkable and strong before, but this version is even more of both. The ending with your sister waiting by the shore, having died so much too soon, brought tears to my eyes. Bravo! And Dreamers did a lovely layout and illustrations for you.

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Absolutely beautiful. I can just hear your mother’s voice and see her standing, with that apron, nodding her approval. You have truly honored her as well Kristin. Well done. Well done. I am sure this is the first of many wins already on your way.

Much love!


So beautiful and beautifully done, Jenny Lynn. Your writing shows the continued evolving of your relationships with both momma and Kristin. . .even after they’ve departed this “mortal plane”.

Congratulations on receiving your well-deserved notice and here’s to writings to come!

Love from Ruth


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